The Indian Hill Recreational Soccer program is a community based, volunteer run SAY soccer program open to children who live in the Indian Hill School District.

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Date Error- On Field Referee Training
by posted 06/18/2018

Please note the correct dates for Indian HIll On Field Referee Training
Option 1: July 17th Tuesday  Evening - Passers / Instructional (first year refs) 6 - 8:30pm
Wings & above - 7 - 9:30pm
Option 2:  August 11 Saturday-   Passers / Instructional (first year refs) 9 -10:30am*
Wings & above - 10 - 11:30am*
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Soccer Referee Training- Mandatory
by posted 06/18/2018

Referees must be entering the 6th grade and 12 years old.
ALL NEW REFS - Must Register on CHSS website AND attend CHSS Clinic AND first hour of one IH Field training.   
Returning Refs - must register on CHSS website AND attend IH Field Training and review 2 hours or the Review portion of CHSS training (2nd date or either option.  Also must test (offered at end of IH training) if you did not test in the spring.  
CHSS Courses: 
(If link is not active please go to the site as above. If you are a returning referee you will need to upload a copy of your Concussion Certificate again. These are not held within the CHSS system.)
All CHSS Referee Courses Will Be Conducted at Madeira Middle School
Cafeteria (Entrance is located at the back of the school building)
Option #1
Option #1
Monday      June 25th     6pm-9pm  
Thursday   June 28th     6pm-9pm (Test Day - review is from 6pm-7:20 & Test starts about 7:30pm)
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Option #2
Saturday July 21st   9am-12pm  
Sunday   July 22nd   11am-2pm (Test Day - review is from 11am-12:20pm & Test starts about 12:30pm)

IH Training: 

You only need to test once per year but you need to attend a refresher every season.   If you have been through classes before you can attend and test with IH. 
Option 1: June 17 Evening - Passers / Instructional (first year refs) 6 - 8:30pm
Wings & above - 7 - 9:30pm
Option 2: SAT  June 26 -   Passers / Instructional (first year refs) 9 -10:30am*
Wings & above - 10 - 11:30am*
* Times may change subject to field availability
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Fall 2018 Soccer Registration OPEN TODAY
by posted 06/01/2018

Registration for FALL 2018 RECREATIONAL SOCCER will open in June 1, 2018

Registration closes July 15, 2018. 

In compliance with required US National Youth Soccer Age Matrix we are comitted to organizing the league into 5 categories.  These will be:

1. Mini Clinics- Born between August 1, 2014 and July 31, 2015

2. Instructional 1- Born between July 31, 2014 and August 1, 2013

3. Instructional 2- Kindergarten fall 2018 (not birth year)

4. Instructional 3- First Grade fall 2018 (not birth year)

5. Recreational (Cincinnati Hills Say Soccer - league games):

       8U- Born 2010/2011

     10U- Born 2008/2009

     12U- Born 2006/2007

     14U- Born 2004/2005 (SAY North)

     16U- Born 2002/2003 (SAY North)

     19U- Born 2001/2000/1999 (SAY North)


It is the goal of Indian Hill Recreational Soccer to provide fun, safe, and organized play time for our children.  We have developed our program to place increased emphasis on developing the skills of our players at the younger ages by incorporating training staff to assist a parent coach into each of their practices.  Keeping our younger players with peers of their age and grade provides safe play while allowing for consistent instruction. As always we depend on our parents to coach the teams from 8U-19U.  Teams will be determined by the number of available coaches and date of your registration.


*** 16U/19U- We are aware of school JV/Varsity tryouts.  You may  register and not pay until the high school team placements are complete at which time we will determine our numbers to form teams for the fall.

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Concussion Legislation & what it means to IHRC Soccer
by posted 05/28/2014

In various parts of the country, states are introducing laws regarding concussion and youth sports; Ohio passed its concussion bill on December 20th, 2012.  The bill defines the responsibility of players, parents, coaches, referees and league officials when a player is believed to be exhibiting the signs, symptoms or behavior of a person who may have sustained a concussion.
A concussion is a brain injury and all brain injuries are SERIOUS. A concussion may be caused by a bump, blow, jolt to the head, face, neck or elsewhere on the body with an impulsive force transmitted to the head. The injury can range from mild to severe and disrupt the way the brain normally works. Although many concussions are mild, concussions of any type are serious and can result in severe complications if not managed properly. This can include prolonged brain damage and even death.
Laws such as the one passed in Ohio, contain four main provisions, these are as follows.
  • SAY Soccer Districts and Areas are responsible and must make available to every player and their parents an informational sheet, that has been developed by their State Department of Health. This informational sheet is available to you on your player's team website from the Documents option of the team menu.  Please take the time to review it. You can also locate the informational sheet here:
  • SAY Soccer will provide an informational page on their website of recommendations for all coaches and referees advising them of their individual responsibilities. This has been communicated to IHRC coaches and referees.
  • Many states are now asking that all coaches and referees to take an online training certification before they are allowed to work with youth soccer players. IHRC has asked its coaches and referees to become certified prior to coaching this spring 2014 season.
The final part of the law involves the removal of the player and the return to play. Key points in this are as follows:
  • Coaches, referees, or officials must remove from play an athlete exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussionduring practice or a game.
  • The athlete cannot return to play on the same day that he she is removed after exhibiting signs of a concussion.
  • The athlete is not permitted to return to play until he/she has been assessed by a physician or licensed health care provider approved by the Youth sports organization and received written clearance.
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